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Jul 06, 2007



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best 2 mile: around 18:00

best 5k: around 28:00


*31:00 5k - my first 5k since high school!*

Short-Term Running Goals:

Lose 10 pounds

Run 4 miles by March 17

Run the Cops & Kids 5k (March 22) in under 40 minutes

Get Seth to start exercising

Long-Term Running Goals:

Don't turn into a slug

Run a 5k in under 30 minutes and maintain

Be more consistent and less of a wimp


Seth and I graduated from BYU April 2007. Our beautiful son Simeon was born that May. I started running again in June with the encouragement of Seth and Lybi. Seth, Lybi, Laura, and their mom are the ones who really keep me running :P


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So I had a frightening, adrenaline pumping experience this morning. I've been sick for a few days so I decided to run out a mile and walk back a mile so that I could still do 2 miles. Well I was walking back and I saw two dogs out in a field that I had never seen before. They were running toward me barking but there was a fence between me an them. It didn't look like the kind of fence that would stop a dog, but they stopped a few feet away from it so I figured they must know not to go out of the fence. So I kept walking. I walked for quite a while and had pretty much forgotten about the dogs. Well all of a sudden I heard barking behind me and I turned around to see the same two dogs barreling towards me. They weren't just running and barking the way dogs do. They were running in a crouch and they were snarling and I felt pretty sure they were going in for the kill. Usually dogs will stop running at you if you turn and face them but these dogs didn't even seem to notice a difference between my front and my back. Well I didn't want to stand around playing chicken with them, so I launched myself over the ditch. I fell in the mud and got my knees all dirty on the other side. I looked to see if the dogs would try to follow. If so I didn't know what I was going to do, but I was pretty sure my self-defense moves weren't going to cut it. Luckily they stopped and turned around when I jumped. I watched them to make sure they weren't going to change their minds. I saw them go down to the next metal crossing and cross over. I was getting ready to jump back across but they kept going into another field and didn't come back towards me. Still I picked up the most enormous stick I could find. I was sure those demon dogs were going to try to cut me off somewhere so every little sound in the bushes would make me jump and would make my heart start racing. I didn't drop my stick until I was at the house. I was so scared.

So when I got back I told Simeon he was lucky to still have a mommy. We are debating on calling animal control because those dogs seemed really aggressive and a lot of people go walking down that ditch bank.

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